Medical Detox

Removing toxic drugs and alcohol from the body within a controlled medical environment is key to safety and success. Oftentimes people try to detox themselves at home and without 24 hour medical supervision. Not only is this unsafe and dangerous, but it could lead to medical complications including death. SoCal Beach Recovery offers a safe and medically supervised environment where patients are cared for by a qualified and licensed medical team.

What Is Detox?

Drug detoxification, also known as detox, refers to the process of breaking the physical bonds of addiction. These physical ties are often just as strong as mental; while users may want to quit using drugs or alcohol, the changes to the brain and nervous system that come with long-term use inspire cravings that can be too strong to reasonably handle.

Withdrawal, or the side effects that accompany an absence of substance, can be highly influential, driving people to make a choice they otherwise understand to be harmful or dangerous. Those who deeply want to quit are often unable to make healthy decisions, seeking out more addictive substances even if they are aware it is wrong or bad for them. Withdrawal symptoms vary strongly from one drug to another, but can include nausea and vomiting, anxiety and paranoia, muscle cramps, aching or weakness, irritability, seizures, hallucinations, and insomnia. Withdrawal can be a long process as well, lasting days or weeks.

Detox seeks to mitigate the symptoms of withdrawal, making breaking an addiction as comfortable and pain-free as possible. With oversight by doctors and nurses, a detox center can help even those with chronic substance abuse habits to manage the side effects that accompany addiction recovery.

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Why Is Detox Important?

Detox is important for the mental and psychological well-being of those attempting to work through addiction to drugs or alcohol, but it can also be important for physical wellness. While some addictive substances can be relinquished without negative ramifications, it can be dangerous to cease use for drugs like benzodiazepines and alcohol.

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